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Liquid Capsule Filling Machine
Product Introduction
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Main Features

1. The machine adopts PLC control and stepless altering frequency adjustment.
2. The machine can finish the following 6 working station automatically through the programmer, roller sheet release, PVC/PE forming, filling, press the batch number, back-end crop, slitting
3. The machine adopt the human-machine interface operation, operation is easy and simple
4. The filling head has no leak through, not appear foam and overflow.
5. The contact parts with the filled liquid adopt SUS316L, conforms to the GMP standard.
6. The main pneumatic component and electric parts adopt well-known brand products.
7. Filling system adopts mechanical pump, measuring is precisely and the difference is small.

Liquid capsule filling machine
capsule filling machine for Oil, suspension liquid, paste
Production capacity
Fill in material
Liquid, Oil, suspension liquid, paste
Die number
6 holes
Can capsule filling type
#00-5 gelatin capsules, vegetable capsules, etc.
Capsule on probability
The liquid filling quantities accuracy
The power supply
380V 50HZ
The total power
3 KW
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